At UK, SID stands for sports idiocy director

After a Kentucky Kernel reporter broke the news that two student athletes had joined the Wildcats basketball team as walk-ons, that school’s sports information director had his brains walk out.

According to reports all over the internet (I heard about it from Jim Romenesko at Poynter Online), this reporter got wind of the news via Twitter. He confirmed it with the two student-athletes. Then he went rogue and reported it.

UK revoked his credentials for the basketball team’s media event. Why? He didn’t go through the athletic department PR apparatus first. This happens everywhere. At Missouri Southern State University, the SID and AD tried this with my students several times but were smart enough to stop short of denying access. When will these guys learn that they work for the media, not the other way around?

Quote of the day is from the Kernel‘s reports of response to the incident.

Until Kentucky agrees to #FreeKernel, I think I’ll revoke SI coverage of their mediocre football team.

Staples reports on college football for

One Response to At UK, SID stands for sports idiocy director

  1. This made me snort for a long time.

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