‘Daily Emerald’ scores before football season starts

Since I don’t take well to NFL preseason games and my fantasy football draft had passed, I spent part of my Sunday looking at the student newspapers from the AP Top 20 college football teams.

I wanted to see if any of them did special football preview sections. I got through No. 11 Wisconsin (I am looking at the second half of the teams in the next day or so) and found a winner.

The Daily Emerald at the University of Oregon produced Duck Season — a beautiful 48-page 4-color magazine previewing its team and the its PAC 12 and non-conference schedules.

Features of the mag include:

  • The U of O game-day experience
  • How the Ducks practice style translates to games
  • Impact players
  • A feature on Oregon’s unique uniforms (a fun read)

It is clear that this project was planned well in advance, file photos gathered and interviews scheduled throughout the summer. What tells me it was planned exceptionally well is its abundance of advertising. This effort likely netted the Daily Emerald a tidy profit.

This should be a lessen to smaller papers like at my alma maters — Missouri Southern State University, Pittsburg State University and Park University. Carefully plan unique, useful and compelling products well in advance. Then send your sales team into the field with examples (PDF mocks, for instance) and let them sell to the product. Apartment advertising in a back-to-school issue, for example, could propel a smaller weekly’s revenue for quite a while.


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