Worth reading: Mizzou’s ‘Maneater’ and MSU’s ‘Standard’

Two college papers have opened the year with some stories and features that provide added depth and value to readers. Here are two examples.

Note: While this blog will look at all media, and especially college media, I keep a close eye on Missouri college media. So there will be a heavy dose of The Show-Me State initially.

The Maneater

The “blogs” tag on The Maneater website¬† links to less blog and more briefs. But that is not a bad thing. In fact, it provides the paper’s readers with a pretty good digest of interesting material. Under the heading City, State and Nation, The Maneater has items about Hurricane Irene’s effect on Joplin relief funding, Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich’s lawsuit against Gov. Jay Nixon, and the ongoing controversy about a new Missouri law regulating teachers’ use of social media.

With the exception of the lawsuit, there is no direct link to MU student life or the institution itself. But all have some significance and get coverage in a place students go for information.

Other headings in the “blogs” section include Arts & Entertainment, MU in Focus, Police Beat and Politics Watch. All provide good information that may not make the print edition, including additional photos.

The most intriguing of the topics is The Newsroom, which promises readers a chance to “Take a look behind the scenes at The Maneater.” While most entries here to date are seemingly for the paper’s current or potential staff, this topic has lots of potential. It could give readers a glimpse at how the news is selected and played in the paper. It could provide insight into the news process and the changing methods of delivery. And it could be a good vehicle for transparency. News organizations ask government officials to be transparent, here is a chance for one to set an example.

The Standard

A front-page story by Standard reporter Damien DiPlacido analyzes student ID card security and measures MSU is taking to improve the safety of students’ personal information.

It is a good story that every campus paper should look at. An ambitious paper would compare IDs at similar state schools and see how theirs stacks up. For instance, last week UMKC’s University News reported that student IDs on that campus would soon double as debit cards for US Bank customers. US Bank is opening a branch in the UMKC Student Union.


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