MCMA Highlights: Never gonna give you guys up

Missouri State got Rick Rolled.

Good gravy, this school is about as secure as a freshman who just got “Iced Bro.” That is our recommended daily allowance of cheese. But there is more.

What happened? Missouri State is being exposed by its student paper, The Standard, as being less than secure with student information. Here is the story.

What they did to make it better was to add an editorial on the subject.

What they did to start the ball was report on this shenanigans (that is adult for bullshit) before. MSU might want to “Cry for Help.”

The Maneater

The Maneater is much like Twain.

No, not Shania. Mark. The reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the best writing on this list comes from a paper that gets to eat at a place called Shakespeare’s.

Caitlin Swieca  wrote an excellent story about faculty turnover at the state’s flagship campus.  The story features multiple sources (which is getting more and more rare in college journalism) and it tells a good story. It also establishes relevance. Will your favorite instructor be here next year?

But the writing on the paper about the subject gets even better.

They feature an editorial on the topic, too. And, like the best papers do when they bundle, they really hammer it home. The opinion piece deals with state funding.  It compared Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s merit education plan to No Child Left Behind. And it makes some cogent arguments why that model is not right for higher education and — most directly — Mizzou.

The turns of phrase are well-placed, no matter where you sit on the side of the debate. But sometimes the writer’s argument and writing intersect beautifully:

“Some education officials, as well as some in Jefferson City, think this will help schools perform better and add to the number of college graduates, as well as decrease the drop-out rate. Missouri has a lower drop-out rate than the U.S. average. It looks like we’re doing all right.”

Well done. Grouping news and opinion is always a way to make a mark. Especially if you are not a daily. Some more examples follow.

The Index

Here again, news and editorial make a good pair.

When I checked the Indexwebsite, the story “Wet tailgate set for Sept. 10” was the third most popular. There was also an editorial endorsing beer and wine in a limited role at football games on the “dry  campus.”

Both were pretty well done, and they weren’t alone in possibly stirring up a campus.

UMKC University News

The University News has the most diverse and explosive editorial page I have seen.


The variety is interesting enough. But the weight of those topics is staggering. This opinion section made me think. There were columns about what marriage is about. Both from a sexual orientation perspective and a race perspective.

I loved them both, but the “Is marriage for white people” column got me. Kharissa Parker hit me here. It was personal and reflective. It should have been sourced some, sure. But if a column isn’t, it should really look for a nerve.

I think Kharissa probably found one.

The Chart

The Chart moved its editorial page this week to feature a tornado double-truck. Nice job. As of today, however, nothing was available online.

There were many other great works. Bear with me. I am going from the websites. So I have limited visibility to the print product. And I want to note some nice work by Northwest Missouri State’s Northwest Missourian. Look for some red hat love Friday.


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