A Friend is Gone

Ralph Drennan should be in The Chart Hall of Fame.

This is a blog about news and life. A great part of my life was spent with The Chart at Missouri Southern State University. And Ralph Drennan was a great part of that life.

Ralph did the binding of the Chart archives for nearly 30 years. Ralph would bring Chart editors and advisers into his basement shop off Kentucky and would weave his web. Ralph would talk with them about last year’s cover color and what would work best this year. Ralph would work on a handshake and a smile. He had bound The Chart for years. He was old school.

In his later years, his family took over the business. It moved to a different location. It didn’t have the same basement-shop charm. But the business stayed true to what it did for The Chart.

But now, Ralph is gone.  And he was part of The Chart family. The new administration at my old paper may not know this history. But they should. And they should honor this man as part of our history. His obituary  is inThe Joplin Globe. But the obituary doesn’t tell the story of a man who helped a college paper tell the story of a university.

Brad Belk is writing a history of Missouri Southern for the institution’s 75th anniversary. Brad used a lot of volumes of The Chart. Many of them were bound by Ralph.  Brad, maybe he deserves a mention.

Ralph Drennan is Chart. Chart family. Don’t argue with me on this one.


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