Best of the Week from MCMA papers

Northwest Missourian


I might develop a Missourian fetish. This page would be perfect, but it is Northwest Missouri State University, not Northwest University.  Make it Northwest or Northwest university officials. They are officials of Northwest, not Northwest University. The bottom hed is problematic. Somebody tell me how everything above doesn’t kick butt. The blue photo, I hope, printed well.

And the slump buster hed will have me laughing into next week.

The rest after the jump

The Arrow

Cool photo of the Redhawks taking the field:

Griffon News

Good job here…but.

The September 11 script fills the screen but violates style rules all over the place. The font also is a little light for the serious nature of the subject. But this makes the cut because it is good. Period.

The GN also did a good job covering its student government response to possible state budget cuts to the institution.

The Index

O.K. I expect a lot out of The Index and I got worried early.

When I hit its website, the features at the top gave negative heds to two of the four stories: “Football disappoints early” and “Locating spirit despite losing teams.”

I am all in favor of critical reporting when called for, but routine heds don’t have to pile on. (Looking at you Chart)

The paper does do the former, not hesitating to report an alleged hazing incident involving baseball players.

The Index continues to impress. I wish I could see the PDFs of the print product.

UMKC University News

Nice cover. I like the solemnity of the procession and the red, white, and blue treatment of the colors. Understated. Tasteful. Well-played.

And again, the UNews editorial page doesn’t disappoint. There are pieces about post-pregnancy vitamins, community education, hoarding and gay marriage.

I just want to grab this paper and read it with a burger and beer at Mike’s Tavern on Troost.

Student Life

Washington University’s student life is reporting that former Vice President Al Gore is coming to that St. Louis campus.

The visit will cost the university more than $90,000.

The Maneater

If there had been audio, I would have….well.. enjoyed myself more.

But the slideshow on the Roots N Blues Barbecue Festival is a thing of photographic beauty.

And these folks address state appropriations for higher education, too.

I always wanted to hate The Maneater when I was a student. I was just too busy reading and respecting them. Now it is too late.

The Standard

Not surprised this is a Pacemaker finalist.

This slideshow of 9/11 events is solemn and effective. I would like the speaking credits in a subtle lower thirds rather than at the end, when viewers tune out. But it is good. I would recommend not repeating B roll shots too much, either.

The Journal

This is why Webster kicks ass. Don’t make cracks. You know they do.

And they do because of stories like this one about WU students — who happen to be Islamic — reflecting on 9/11.

An intrusive mic and too many early wide shots here, but B roll is great (the kid at the 1:17 mark is classic) and good use of lower thirds is nice.  I would have liked a tight shot on the woman at the 2:40 mark talking about questions about “that thing on your head.” But I am nitpicking.

I watched. I liked. I loved that this was done well visually.

SLU University News

This picture speaks for itself:

And this editorial is great.


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