If ever there was a reason to follow Romenesko on Twitter…

The first thing that gets you in this NYT  “Lens” blog post about a story in that paper’s Dining section story is the photo.

You will have to click. It is copyrighted and we do it copyright here. But click. It’s worth it.

The next thing that gets you is the lede:

This is not your typical come-hither pinup. Nor does it fit neatly into the category that most would call “food porn.”

And from there, writer Kerri MacDonald tells the story of Times photographer Tony Cenicola’s pain.

She writes:

The photo shoot itself, Mr. Cenicola said, was embarrassingly painful. And sure enough, he got some ribs with his chicken on Wednesday morning, as colleagues congratulated him on the image, which appeared on the front page of Wednesday’s Dining section.

“You have a dirty mind, my friend,” said one.

“Hey chicken man,” said another.

The conversation, one might say, was turning fowl.

For those who say The Old Gray Lady has no sense of humor, choke my….nevermind.

Thanks to @romenesko for the tweet.

Even that sounds cheesy.


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