Being a multi-platform journalist isn’t more work. Really.

Stuart Hughes

I have said often that delivering news in multiple formats is not more work for an average reporter. And I believe that. But you have to plan.

And I have often said that you don’t need expensive or inaccessible equipment, either.

I have at least one friend, the managing editor of a small daily, who says I am full of an unflattering material. On this matter, I am not. And though this has been out there a while, this blog post from Stuart Hughes of the BBC shows that I am not alone.

Hughes does say this adds to the workload if you have other responsibilities.

One word of caution, though. My one-day social media experiment added additional demands to an already full workload. In the long run, it would be unreasonable to expect a journalist with other BBC outlets to serve to provide engaging content for a number of social media platforms in addition to their normal duties.

Providing material for social media cannot just be an afterthought in the newsgathering process. It needs to be properly resourced if it’s to be done at all.

Yes, I read that, too.

But he is a BBC producer. I maintain that covering such an event for a newspaper would require learning a few new skills (you should anyway) and would be an additional set of responsibilities but would not produce an unrealistic workload. If you pick and choose the online delivery methods best suited to the event/story and not try to do everything, it is workable.

Once the event is concluded, simply return to the newsroom and write the print edition story. You would have had to do that, anyway. But now you can provide analysis and context that your real-time coverage couldn’t.

Even if you disagree with my position — like my managing editor friend — read Hughes’ post if for nothing else than the great links and tools he mentions.


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