Meet Jorge Posadas: Our Administrator of this week

When you are at the bottom 0f the hole, stop digging.

Drop the shovel, Jorge. You are at the bottom.

Jorge Posadas

Posadas is student life director at San Antonio College and he wanted the college paper to pay him for an interview.

When the San Antonio Express-News asked Posadas about it, he gave the most idiotic rationalization he could.

The following is from “The Ticker,” a blog attached to the Chronicle of Higher Education:

When contacted by the Express-News, he said that his response had been “inappropriate” and that he had misinterpreted a request for budget information as a request for professional consulting.


But his justification to the student editor requesting an interview is even more priceless:

“Face to face is not an accurate accountability measure, as it is one persons word against another a written statement is more accurate and fair,” Posadas wrote to Almendarez. “It is not my role to be part of your course and serve as an interviewee. Since by doing so it is in an official capacity with repercussions I am not willing to accept.”

What a southern end of a northbound horse.


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