I have had enough

I need Jim Romenesko.

You other journos need him, too. Admit it. He does the fun work we wish we had time to do. He finds the cool media stories and he shuttles ’em our way.

I don’t have time for that shit. Neither do you. But you sure as hell appreciate it..

Romenesko is retiring. He had that in the books. He wants to report again. And before I do anything else, let me tell you Jim is a reporter. He sources his stories. He attributes his sources. He does it right. But as a blogger  aggregating information, he assumed we were in on the game.

Technically, Moos and the Poynter Nazis are right. In a practical sense, however, they are off base by a mile. Romenesko always linked to the original source. And as a Romenesko reader, I always clicked. So I knew what the source wrote and what Jim put in his blog. It was not dishonest. I knew what was what. And so did everyone else. It was Jim. And he was doing work for us. Work we were either too busy to do or too lazy to do.

No worries. We have Jim.

Now, we don’t have Jim.

I hope his new website will give me the lazy-ass comfort of someone so dialed in to the media that I can pour a cup of Joe and kick back with his links. But I don’t blame him if he just says, “Fuck it. I invented this, they perverted this, and I don’t need this.”

Jim Romenesko made our lives better. And even those of you hitting him with a brickbat know it.


One Response to I have had enough

  1. danny says:

    This news just reached me in Taiwan, thanks to Alan first and your post too here for the posts. How how sad that he gets sent off that way. Jim was the real McCoy, the real McNesko, one of my heroes in the USA journo world. “Have you ever been Romenesko’d?” is new slang that hit the Internet when Jim mentioned this or that reporter on his wonderful times ten site. He should NOT have been retired that way. What a shame! — danny bloom in Taiwan

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