The future is now and has been for 2 years

In the fall of 2009, I approached my department head at Missouri Southern with an idea. He nodded approvingly but dismissively and said, “Yeah. Yeah. Good idea. We’ll think about that.”

Fast forward to February 2012. I am no longer at MSSU and neither is the department head I pitched this to. And the idea never saw the light of day. What was the idea?

A course in social media.

One course.  That’s it. I offered to do the research and justifications work, create the syllabus, recommend a text and not ask for any of the credit. I also warned that if we waited too long others would pass us by. I predicted within five years it would be a valid major somewhere. Well, it’s getting close.

Central Michigan University will now offer a certificate in social media. CMU joins Cleveland State University, Ball State University, State University of New York at Purchase and University of California-Irvine as schools offering social media programs.

So whatever became of that social media course I thought MSSU needed? I designed it anyway. I have a syllabus and 16 weeks of lesson plans ready to go. Now I just need a school and a department willing to join the real world.


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