When you know you are a 1A law geek

I just squealed.

Like a little schoolgirl squeals when the cute boy passes her a note. It was a small item in Twitter. Well, they are all small items. But I digress.

Julie Hilden is following you on Twitter.”

Oh, I have been following her for a while. She writes about the First Amendment. A lot. She graduated from Harvard. Then Yale law. And she also has a master of fine arts. And a novel optioned for a movie.

I agree with her sometimes and sometimes not. But I read her stuff and I think, therefore… But I won’t get all existential here. It was just neat to see.

Frank LoMonte, Mark Arbuckle and Alexandra Nicolas might understand. But the rest of you, I am sure, are rolling your eyes and intoning in your best Ronald Reagan: “There you go again.”

I don’t care.

Now I have to explain to my wife how Julie is kinda like Jake from State Farm.


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