@KristinaEaton is making Twitter work for herself and readers

One Missouri student journalist is doing a great job of branding herself and serving her readers.

Tina Eaton, the managing editor of The Arrow at Southeast Missouri State University has been in my face all day today. And it’s election night here at the Lee’s Summit Journal, so I do appreciate it.

Tina Eaton as she appears on her website.

You see, Eaton is very active on Twitter. I don’t know exactly why I started following her but I do follow The Arrow and that is probably how I found her. But if you were a student at SEMO, you would be wise to follow her. Today, for instance, she has let readers know that parts of the campus were without power, she promoted a story on a SGA candidates debate, encouraged students to vote in that election, and sought out a connection to a source.

So I tried to find out a bit more about Eaton. She is a senior and president of the SEMO SPJ chapter. Her Twitter profile contains a link to her online portfolio, which is something every college journalist should have. I did not find her on Facebook and her public profile on LinkedIn is pretty basic, but she is at least leveraging Twitter engage readers.

Some of the best papers — Griiffon News, Northwest Missourian, Maneater and The Arrow — at using social media get my attention and therefore my clicks. Eaton got my attention. And who knows? What if I had been a hiring editor? She would have gotten a look before I even knew some of you existed.

I  encourage my students to follow Eaton’s example and use social media to engage readers, drive traffic to your publications and  build your personal brand.


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