One UGA situation…

While I want to march on Georgia and turn the board of directors of the University of Georgia Red & Black into “Sherman Neckties,” that body is within its rights.

It is within its rights to be ignorant, idiotic, immoral and myopic.

You see, the board has oversight and management responsibilities for the independent student newspaper. It is, in effect, its publisher. And it can wipe its backside with all the R&B has accomplished over the years. It can strip students of editorial control. And it can effectively destroy one of the finest student media outlets in the country. I could also pound the crap out of my car with a sledgehammer for having a taillight go out.

One thing the board couldn’t do was retain the student leadership and editorial staff that took the paper from an excellent daily print edition to an excellent digital daily edition to an excellent weekly print edition to a glossy magazine like Ampersand.

The students can’t sue, so they did what is the most American thing ever. They held a revolution. They quit. Walked out. One-finger salute. And then they typed They went guerrilla. They started their own outlet to follow in the footsteps of Thomas Paine and say, “This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.” O.K., that was Jeffrey Lebowski. But you get my point, right?

Now, the entire journalism community thinks the R&B board is about as deep as a Three Stooges screenplay. Just not nearly as funny.


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