Back to school: Follow and learn from each other

There are a couple of events than make me tear up with joy.

Spring training and opening day. Watching the Ohio State Buckeyes take the field on a Saturday afternoon. And when I see Facebook announcements about college newspapers resuming publication.

So far, I have seen announcements from The Maneater at the University of Missouri and The Arrow at Southeast Missouri State University. I am certain social media stalwarts at the Northwest Missourian and The Journal at Webster University are not going to be far behind — if I haven’t missed them already.

I encourage each of you that follow college journalism in Missouri to start “liking” these and other papers on Facebook and to start “following” them on Twitter. It is always good to see what the great students in Missouri (and elsewhere — I was on top of the Red & Black thing because I follow that paper on social media) are doing and covering.

And I encourage you engage your readers with social media. Not with the trivial or inane, please. Your personal page is for that. But when local and important news breaks, Twitter and Facebook can provide value added coverage that strengthens your credibility and your brand.



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