Reasons to go to GO12

Student journalists prepping for the annual Associated Collegiate Press gathering (in Chicago this year) might want to start planning for some sessions.

The lineup this year is incredible and I am going to throw in with a few of the sessions that I think deserve special attention. I am going to discuss two a day as we wind up to GO12.

So here come my first two.

Thursday kicks off with a number of incredible sessions. But if students get too caught up in the Windy City Halloween scene, they might sleep through a real winner.

9 Ways to Improve your Sports Section

9-9:50 a.m.

If you are a college sportswriter/editor and you are not familiar with Joe Gisondi of Eastern Illinois University, you are not doing your job.

Gisondi’s description for his session:

“Learn how to improve content, elevate presentation, and deliver breaking news in your sports section, both in print and online editions.”

That doesn’t do this justice. One of the web sites every college sports department should have at the ready is Gisondi’s Sports Field Guide. Gisondi practiced sports journalism for more than two decades. Now he teaches it better than anyone in the nation.

If you are a college sports journo who wants to be a pro sports journo and Gisondi has nine things for you, ask him about numbers 10 and 11, too.

10 Tips for Super Charging your Personal Brand


Ron Reason is a journalism consultant that kicks ass.

When I took the job as adviser to The Chart at Missouri Southern State University, I employed Reason under a charitable donation offer he extended. I sent him editions of The Chart from the previous year and I came into my first staff meeting with ammunition to help the students help themselves get better.

Here, Reason is going to help you sell yourself:

“How you write, edit, and design your “brand” could make the difference in getting that great internship or first job. What’s a personal brand? The collected evidence of your college and work performance and your worth in the job market, as evidenced in: your website or blog (don’t have one? we’ll offer tips), your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest, if those are appropriate to your work. Knowing the basics of using these tools is essential to entering any media job market – using them confidently as a showcase for your best work and skills is another challenge entirely.”

This is another one I try to drum into my students and try to model myself. Reason is way smarter than I am, so you might see me there.


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