Wake up to these sessions before you go go to GO12

Thursday is so full of great stuff that I am listing two more sessions from Day One at GO12 for your consideration. Notice that this isn’t the ideal “schedule.” Some of these are in conflict with each other.

Make plans to have at least one staff member at each of today’s recommendations. You will thank me later.

10 Quick Design Fixes


Ron Johnson of the University of Indiana has been helping college journalists reinvent their papers’ looks for years. Oh, yeah. He is also a six-time editor of Best of Newspaper Design.

Because he is good at it. He has taken really good papers and helped them get better. I met Ron for the first time in the summer of 2006. He attended a summer workshop hosted by Northwest Missouri State but held down the street from my house in Liberty, Mo. I knew his reputation, but quickly became a fan.

I insisted Chart Editor Alexandra Nicolas and I take a Society of News Design short course with Johnson and Tracy Collins of The Arizona Republic a few years later at ACP/CMA.

I have never regretted either move. Johnson taught us principles that help the paper win many statewide and national honors for general excellence.  He can do the same for you.

We’re Doing it Live!


If you are not familiar with CoverItLive, your bus just left, your horse left the barn and your wife ran off and took your dog and pickup truck.

But Jill Van Wyke of Drake University isn’t singing a bad country tune. She is trying to let you know the power of covering events in real time.

  • Student government debates
  • Local elections
  • Big games
  • Breaking News
  • Live chats that pair experts with readers

Cover them live.


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