Always at work. Always at play.

I have fun. My fun is just different.

My fun is reading Romenesko over coffee. My fun is making fun of journo students’ mistakes. My fun is watching videos of Frank LoMonte telling students the evils of censorship.

My fun is college journalism.

And all of you young journos should make that your fun, too. Go out with your friends to the bars. But make fun of the font on the table tents. Date interesting people. And break up with them when their laptop screen saver scrolls Comic Sans. Follow your favorite sports team. And cringe when the sideline reporter on ESPN splits an infinitive.

If you are into the craft, you can’t put it on the shelf. And that is how I recognize the truly great ones. When they are working, they are having fun. And when they are having fun, they are working.

My wife doesn’t wonder about where I slink off to anymore. She knows I am in my office downstairs outlining an advanced reporting class or re-reading case law for a mass media law class. For a year, I did that without pay. Why? Because it was fun.

As I write this, I am sitting in a restaurant. I am posting to my social media. I am blogging. And I have come up with at least five story ideas in the last hour.  And it is my day off. And I am having a blast.

I have at least one student that is wired that way. And while I may tease them about it, I get it.

Call us cursed. But we’re blessed.

[Editor’s note: Katelyn Canon told me “I have fun. My fun is just different.” I told her I was stealing that line. It sounded like a great column/blog post lede. And that back story kind of makes my point.]


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