When “My Kids” start having kids…

This is “A blog about news and life.”

Part of that life is the progress of “my kids.”  Those kids are the students that have passed through my classes or newsrooms. I thought I had hurt one of them today. I thought I had missed a message about the most major life event one can experience.

Shayla Moore is having a baby.

It got buried on my Facebook news feed. But it was a video of her telling her family. And her family has been through a lot. She told me that she was worried because I hadn’t commented, and that I was kinda her family, too.

I am not letting things get buried on my news feed anymore. I might miss family news.

Here is my Facebook response:

Dang you, Shayla Moore.
Dang you.
I don’t cry anymore. Well, not often.
One time, I had to track down a mug shot of an Honors Program student. I came back with a campus news editor, an advertising manager and a surrogate daughter whose sister and dog and husband would become Chart family.
Now Shayla is having a family.
Dang you, Shayla Moore.
From that time I walked into a Webster Hall classroom and said, “I am looking for Shayla,” to now I have never known that woman to be anything other than excellent at anything she tries. So the bar for parents is about to be raised, too.
Moms? You’ll have to do more to keep up with Moore.
And I need more Kleenex.
Dang you.
Love you.


One Response to When “My Kids” start having kids…

  1. Nathan Carter says:

    Congratulations Shayla. Good one Thom.

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