Positive hate is a positive thing. Kind of.

I fucking hate The Maneater

The non-J-School student publication at the University of Missouri is a pain in the ass on multiple levels.

First, it gets the Mizzou journalism imprimatur without being part of the School of Journalism. Barnacles.

Second, they are a pack of arrogant assholes.

Third, they are good.

Dizzy Dean, the Hall of Fame pitcher from the equally objectionable St. Louis Cardinals once said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” The Maneater can brag. Because it does it.

Tonight, I looked at most of the college newspapers in Missouri online. The Maneater provided the most comprehensive campus, state and regional news of any paper. It hit on culture, and it had a comprehensive opinion section that went afield of campus but the columnists addressed issues and not themselves.

The Maneater hits the news. And though a little light this time, it covers the state Capitol.

I fucking hate The Maneater.

But I read it.


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