The morning five

Like every other journalism practitioner, information is my lifeblood.

Each day, before work, there are some sites that are a must-visit to kick-start my workflow. The short list I provide here is by no means complete and does not include the obvious nor social media sites. Likewise, I have left off this list because his blog should be a given.

Morning cup of Joe

As I get the daily dose of caffeine, I open a must-visit site for the workday. This site is (or should be) an obvious one, but I wonder how many students actually use it. While I miss the heck out of iGoogle, I will never give up one of its components, Google Reader. At least not until July, when the internet giant will phase it out as well.

Here I can get all my RSS feeds in one place and easily sort through the posts I am most interested in or might need for the days work ahead. Rather than click on a bunch of bookmarks, I can sort through and see what has been updated in a glance.

Another facet of my early morning routine is catching up on the overnight news. You can’t go wrong with any of the major news sites, but I like to check in with NPR. Here I can get major national and international news and I can check out what will be featured on the radio programming for that day. Additionally, listening to Morning Edition or other programming online is a great way to get information while I do other tasks.

Into the work day

Two sites I visit daily are The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Columbia Journalism Review. One is the trade newspaper of higher education and the other is a trade publication for the journalism industry. Things move fast and these help me stay up to date on trends and often give me ideas for blog posts or stories to suggest to college journalists.  The Chronicle is a pay site, but most campus libraries subscribe and you can usually get to it on campus at no charge.

Neat site I check every now and again

If you haven’t heard of Vadim Lavrusik, look him up. He is the program manager for Facebook at teaches at the Columbia University graduate program in journalism. His blog is everything social media. And while he works for Facebook, there is more here than one of its digital execs flacking for the social media leader.

He doesn’t post as often as he used to or I would like. But when he does the result is cool, like a post on coverage of Hurricane Sandy through Instagram.


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